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Inside the Cannes Film Festival

Next Festival: 73rd Festival de Cannes, 12-23 May 2020 Postponed

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Festival Guide

History of the festival, it's structure, and how to attend. Plus frequently asked questions about the Cannes Film Festival.

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Travel & Lodging

Flights to Nice, hotels and appartments in town, and the Lodging Exchange - a free forum for locating or sharing lodging

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Restaurants in Cannes

Search and browse over 300 restraurants in and around Cannes. See reviews from others and submit your own.

What is the Cannes Film Festival?

The Cannes Film Festival, or more correctly, the Festival de Cannes, is a 12 day event which takes place in the resort town of Cannes, on the Mediterranean coast in southeastern France. It is widely acknowledged to be world’s most prestigious film festival, famous for its red carpet premieres and glamorous parties.

Alongside the film festival, the Festival de Cannes also runs the Marche du Film, the world’s largest film market and industry event. The Marche du Film is attended by thousands of film industry professionals and is the main tradeshow of the year, making it the most important date in the calender for any filmmaker serious about their craft.