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Price Rises and New VIP Market Accreditation Options for 2020

Posted 21-Feb-2020

Market accreditation for the Cannes Film Festival has always been on the spendier end of the scale. For 2020 the prices have increased quite a bit on previous years, and the Market has also introduced two additional premium accreditation tiers.

Regular market accreditation now starts at 319€ earlybird (before 1 March), 369€ regular (until 28 April), and 433€ late/walk-in.

For the first time, the Market has introduced a new VIP tier: Platinum Market Accreditation. In addition to the benefits of standard market accreditation, Platinum holders enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to the Plage des Palmes oceanside lounge
  • Access to all Producers’ Network and Cannes Workshop events
  • Priority access to festival and market screenings
  • Access to additional special events
  • A dedicated concierge service for market matters
  • Facilitated access to festival masterclasses and conferences
  • Access to the Marché du Film lounge, including one guest

Platinum Market Accreditation will set you back 1,980€ and the deadline is 28 April (there is no late/walk-in option).

For 2020, the Market has also introduced a new Croisette Package, targeted at companies who are in Cannes for the festival, but are not participating officially in the Marché du Film. The Croisette Package costs 4,400€ earlybird, / 4,900€ regular, and includes six market badges. For smaller companies (defined by an annual turnover of less than 2m euro) there is a reduced fee package: 2,100€ earlybird / 2,400€ regular, but you only get three badges. Croissette Packages are available until 28 April (again, no late/walk-in option).

Why anyone would opt for a Croisette Package over regular market accreditation is unclear. Regular priced Croisette Packages badges are effectively 817€ each, against 369€ for standard market accreditation. The only additional benefit seems to be that Croisette Package badges provide access to the Plage des Palmes lounge. A pretty steep price to pay for access to a reasonably nice beachside lounge, which is closed half the time for private functions or because the wind is blowing so hard the risk of being impaled by a flying umbrella has been deemed unacceptably high.

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