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The city of Cannes is located in south-eastern France on the Mediterranean coast known as the Côte d'Azur (Azure Coast), or more famously to English-speakers, as the "French Riviera". Cannes is one of France's premier tourist and business travel destinations, so it's well-serviced by a variety of modes of transport. For most people, getting there should pose few problems.

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For nearly 200 years, Cannes has been a favourite playground for the rich and famous. From humble beginnings as a fishing village in the middle of nowhere, the city has grown to be renowned for its expensive lifestyle, its agreeable Mediterranean climate, and of course, its film festival. This is a place where tight old streets bustle with of boutiques displaying the latest from the world's leading designers, interspersed by classy restaurants, quaint cafes, and grand hotels along the city's famous foreshore. Very little in Cannes is cheap - even a McDonald's meal can set you back over $12 (and yes, you really can down a beer while enjoying your Royale with Cheese).

Fortunately, there's more to Cannes than preconceptions of wealth and opulent Riviera lifestyles. Despite the presence of the well-heeled jet set, the city has managed to maintain a large degree of old world Southern European charm. It's easy to get lost in the fascinating street markets which are hidden away in quiet alleys, and a little local knowledge can help uncover wonderful food that is often great value for money. And if you want to dodge the festival crowds for a day or two, the surrounding region harbours medieval villages, abbeys, and museums, as well as wealth of other cultural and historical attractions.

Find out more about the city of Cannes at the official tourist office website.