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How do I attend the festival?

Cannes Film Festival FAQ

Unlike many international film festivals, Cannes is an event which is largely restricted to film industry professionals. Minimal access to festival screenings (most of which take place in secondary venues) is available via Cinéphiles accreditation and there is a small allocation of public tickets for films screening in The Directors Fortnight sidebar. Aside from that (and films shown at the Cinéma de la Plage), there is virtually no access to festival screenings or official activities to members of the public, film students, friends, or film fans.

Film industry professionals (and associated disciplines such as entertainment lawyers, accountants, facilities providers etc) can attend the festival, but must register prior to arriving. The festival normally invites requests for accreditation during February and March each year and all requests must be supported by evidence of individual's industry affiliation. For more information, see the section on Attending the Cannes Film Festival.

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