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Boats in Cannes

Chunga, La

24 Rue L. Maubourg, Cannes  |  Spanish  |  €€€€

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Tel. 04 93 94 1129  | 

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Henry 10-Jun-2007

WARNING! WARNING! The reputation of this bar turned true to me! Unfortunately, I could not believe it before I made my own experience! The waiters put payments in their own pockets, and ask for payments for the second time! Good trick! It got very obvious to me, that they had developed a tricky system for this! At least I had no choise, but paying the bill for the second time! OK, I am in the happy position that it does not really hurt me. But, I must really say - this was a unique experience. Probably very good extra income for the team involved. And, my wife did not really appreciate the number of prostitutes there, some of them even trying to make contact with me in front of her. Dont get fooled - if you see a pretty girl in this pub, the chances are very high, that she is a prostitute - another good trick! SO ... SORRY, THIS PLACE STINKS! By the way, my experience was made on thursday 7.Jun.2007, and for anybody wanting to know more, just email to me under hnhns@web.de.

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