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Welcome to the official web site for Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide™, the leading handbook for filmmakers and film industry professionals looking to attend the Cannes Film Festival.

The book is intended to help festival-goers understand how the festival works and why it is important, and to provide some guidance on making your trip to Cannes both successfull and cost-effective. This web site is the companion to the book and offers additional information and a suite of tools to help you plan and execute your visit to the world's most famous film festival.

Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide is the first book in the Festival Virgin's Guide™ series of guidebooks, focussing on key film industry events around the world. Make sure you check out the edition on the Sundance Film Festival, at www.sundanceguide.net.

Please remember that Cannes Guide is not an official festival site. The Cannes Film Festival is run by the Festival de Cannes, and all official communication regarding the festival should be directed to them. "Cannes - A Festival Virgin's Guide" and this website are not affiliated with either the Festival de Cannes or any other official festival organisation.

Finally, please also note that use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use.

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The essential handbook for filmmakers, film fans, and film industry professionals looking to attend the Cannes Film Festival. Available in paperback and digital formats.

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