Cinema de la Plage, Cannes

Cannes Offers Free Passes for 18-28 Cinema-Lovers

Posted 10-Apr-2018

New for 2018, the Festival de Cannes has launched an access option for younger film lovers who would otherwise find it difficult to get accreditation for the festival. Dubbed '3 Days in Cannes', it offers film buffs aged 18-28 access to screenings of films from the official selection. A special programme is presented at the Les Arcades cinema in Centre-Ville, and unlike Cin�philes accreditation, '3 Days in Cannes' also provides access to films screening in the Palais des Festivals.

The '3 days' accreditation is only valid for the first three days of the festival (Tuesday-Thursday), but is open to anyone who is in the age-group and can convince the festival that they are a true cinema-lover.

Apply online at the official festival website. Applications close 15 April. It isn't possible to register for 3 Days in Cannes after this time.

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