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Cannes 2012 Deadlines - Submissions & Accrediation

Posted 20-Feb-2012

Accreditation for the 2012 Cannes Film Festival are now open. This year's deadlines are as follows:

Festival Accreditation - 1 April

Short Film Corner - 8 April
Market Accreditation (Discounted Fee) - 2 March
Market Accreditation - 30 April

Press Accreditation - 1 April
Cinephiles - 1 March

It is possible to get late Festival and Market accreditation after you arrive in Cannes, but it is considerably cheaper and far less hassle to do it before you arrive.

The submissions deadlines are as follows:

Festival de Cannes
Short films - 5 March
Feature films - 12 March

Directors Fortnight - 23 March

Critics Week - 6 April

l'ACID - 31 March

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