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Petit Lardon, Le

Rue du Batéguier, Cannes  |  French  |  €€

Nestled amongst a host of other restaurants in one of Cannes’ busiest restaurant quarters lies the small and unpretentious Le Petit Lardon. Family run and full of character, Le Petit Lardon serves up a great selection of traditional Provençal and Burgundy cuisine. It’s pretty easy to tell which is the best restaurant on the strip: you’re running a packed house while all of your neighbours are still waiting for their first covers. With great food, a palatable price range, and lively atmosphere, Le Petit Lardon is great for a casual evening meal. It is worth noting however that the restaurant’s size and popularity makes it unsuitable for larger groups.

Tel. 04 93 39 06 28  | 

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John Rushton 13-Nov-2008

This is definitely worth visiting - but if I give Le Petit Lardon the review it deserves it will always be full and I won't get a seat ! . . . so what a dilema to be in. Oh what the hell, here goes - I have been going here for several years now, and always excellent service and food and really proper French, not tourist or business visitors. I have been on business and privately and no difference in care and attention. Fois Gras is often on the menu and to be hoovered up with gusto. . . . and as another reviewer says "Pas de la grande gastronomie, mais c'est simple et bon, pas cher et l'accueil est �nergique et sympathique !" Which is what I like about it. Totally Unique

Marcel 31-Aug-2011

Just great. Wonderful food. Best service. And the two ladys, mother and doughter, are just angels.

Stephen Sands 04-Aug-2012

A little gem

James 18-Aug-2014

Fantastic little restaurant. Lovely local cuisine and not too expensive. Staff and owner extremely friendly and helpful. Small venue though so it's intimate dining... with other festivalgoers.

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