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Cannes Film Festival Juries

Jury members for 2013

Prior to the beginning of each event, the Festival de Cannes board of directors appoints four juries who will hold sole responsibility for selecting films from the festival crop which will receive the blessing of a Cannes award. Jurors are chosen from all walks of the international film industry, based on their body of work and respect from their peers. In many cases, jury membership (especially the presidency) is bestowed on a kind of 'lifetime achievement award' basis.

Jury du Festival de Cannes

This jury bestows the awards for films in the Compétition section of the festival.

Steven Spielberg (Director, USA)
Jury Members
Vidya Balan (Actress, India)
Naomi Kawase (Director, Japan)
Nicole Kidman (Actress/Producer, Australia)
Lynne Ramsay (Writer/Director/Producer, UK)
Daniel Auteuil (Actor/Director, France)
Ang Lee (Writer/Director/Producer, Taiwan)
Cristian Mungiu (Writer/Director/Producer, Romania)
Christoph Waltz (Actor, Austria)

Jury du Court Métrage

This jury bestows the awards for short films in the Compétition and Cinéfondation sections of the festival.

Jane Campion (Director, New Zealand)
Jury Members
Maji-da Abdi (Actress/Director/Producer, Ethiopia)
Nicoletta Braschi (Actress/Producer, Italy)
Nandita Das (Actress/Director, India)
Semih Kaplanoglu (Director/Writer/Producer, Turkey)

Un Certain Regard Jury

This jury bestows the awards for films in the Un Certain Regard section of the festival.

Thomas Vinterberg (Director, Denmark)
Jury Members

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