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2011 Cannes Film Festival Poster

By CannesGuide Editor, Posted 05-Apr-2011

The Festival has released the design for the 2011 poster, and for the first time a few years, the poster is great!

The basis of the poster is a photo of Faye Dunaway, taken by Jerry Schatzberg in 1970. The festival press release describes the design as a "Model of sophistication and timeless elegance, it is an embodiment of the cinematic dream that the Festival de Cannes seeks to maintain."

Jerry Schatzberg is an American filmmaker from New York and won the Palme d'Or in 1973 for his film Scarecrow. Schatzberg collaborated with Dunaway in 1970 on his first film, Puzzle of a Downfall Child. A restored print of the film will have a special screening in Cannes this year with both Schatzberg and Dunaway in attendance.

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