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The CannesGuide message boards are a forum to meeting other Cannesgoers and discuss everything to do with Cannes and the events which take place there. To ensure the message boards remain useful to all users, please take a moment to read the following forum rules and keep them in mind when posting and replying.

Posting Messages Requires Registration - you are free to read messages in forums without registering, however in order to post any messages you must complete a short registration process, during which you will be ased to provide a valid email address. It is essential that the email address you provide is valid, because a registration confirmation link will be sent to that address, and you will not be able to post until you have clicked this link. This system is used purely to deter spammers from wasting yours and our time on the site. Provision of your email address during the forum registration is covered by our Privacy Policy.

All Posts Must Be Cannes-Related - this is a site about the Cannes Film Fesitval and our forums are for the discussion of Cannes-related topics only. Please do not post messages here that do not directly relate to the city of Cannes, the Cannes Film Festival, or another event which takes place in Cannes.

Respect Group Topics - each group has been given a broad topic to simplify access to the information. Please respect the topic of each group when posting. Off-topic posts will be removed.

Keep It Civil - while CFVG is not oversenstive to bad language or negative comments, we would ask that you keep your posts in the realms of public decency. And if you are going to be critical about something or someone, please be objective.

No Cross-Posting - "cross-posting" is where you post the same message to multiple groups within our forums. We do not allow cross-posting because it just clogs up the forums with duplicate messages, and since most users read all the forums anyway, all this does is increase the page loading time and make it harder for users to find information they are actually interested in. When posting, please choose the most appropriate group for your message and post it once there. We will delete all of your messages if you cross-post to multiple forums.

No Spam - we do not tollerate spam of any kind in our forums. We don't care whether you've found God, have a guaranteed get-rich scheme, or would like us to look at naked girls of dubious age. All spam postings will be deleted immediately and spammers will be permanently banned for further use of these forums.

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