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How to Find Beach Restaurants in Cannes

Posted 08-May-2017

Aside from a slice of public sand opposite Rue Macé, almost all of the beaches along the Croisette are privately owned or leased. While this is bad news for bathers, the good news is that, during the festival, these beaches host a range of restaurants and social venues.

In the evenings, almost all of these venues will be hosting private parties, but during the day many are open for a casual waterside lunch for paying customers. And some, such as Plage Royale, offer a memberships during the festival, making them a more upmarket alternative to hanging out in the Pavilions. You may also be asked to attend a meeting in one of these venues.

All of the beachfront restaurants have signs, but it can be hard to remember where each one is located (and therefore how long the walk will be). Here's the order, starting from the Palais end of the Croisette:

First up, opposite the Majestic-Barriere, sandwiched between two sections of tents in the Village International, you'll find Plage Majestic.

In the block on the Croisette between Rue Commandant André and Rue Frederic Amouretti:
- Plage en Regie Commandant "Macé"
- Le Goeland
- Grey d'Albion Barrière
- Plage Royal
- C Beach
- La Plage 45
- Bâoli Beach

In the block on the Croisette between Rue Frederic Amouretti and Rue Françios Einesy:
- Long Beach
- La Plage du Festival

In the block on the Croisette between Rue Françios Einesy and Rue du Canada:
- Annex Beach
- Nikki Beach
- Carlton Beach

In the block on the Croisette between Rue du Canada and Rue Pasteur:
- Vegaluna Plage
- 3.14 Plage

In the block on the Croisette between Rue Pasteur and Rue Latour-Malbourg:
- L'Ondine
- La Mandala
- Rado
- Croisette Beach
- Miramar Plage
- La Gold Plage
- Grand Hyatt (Martinez)

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